Monday, April 18, 2011

Prayer to Jesus

Dear Jesus thank you for dieing on the cross for me and thank you for my family, friends and a lovely day. Thank you for sharing your virtue with me so I may be able to show them In my own way. Thank you for healing the sick and thank you for blessing the poor and the lonely people. Thank you Jesus for walking 14 steps with out complain and anger and may you forgive my bad sins that I have done. Amen!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


On Monday every was very excited.Because we were finally going to get our net books. after morning tea we got it. Every one got more excited. When the teachers gave it out, we didn't get to open it.Soon We all open it together. Miss G told us to count down from ten and turn our net books on! How boring was that. But i just had to.10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1! we all clicked. Once it was on we played games. Every one was just having fun. It was very awesome playing games and going on cool things. Once the bell rang for lunch. We had to give it back. I really didn't want to give it back. But i just couldn't wait for the next day to use it!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


On Friday the 18 of March was an exciting day at St. Pius X School. We had our school Athletics Day.

Every one changed to their House colors. When I got changed I painted my top, sprinkled glitter all over and put blue ribbons on my hair and on my legs. Blue is my house color.

The bell rang so, I rushed to the classroom pushing every one with out saying sorry and I grabbed Keas banners and got our chart and just rushed outside. Waterlily and I was the leaders for the Keas, so we were wearing straight blue. “Get up Keas”, we shouted. while we were walking to our tarpaulin we all screamed Go Keas.

When the five years old had run we took them to the start line. They were so nervous to run that they were biting their finger nails. When they had to run we all screamed our lungs out. When it was going by age it was almost my turn to run. When I was walking down to the start line I got very nervous. Once I saw my friends I ran to them and we all walked very slowly to the start line. BANG! It was time for all of to run. I ran as fast as I can, when I ran past my team I could hear my team screaming with excitement. Fetuli came first and Elizabeth came second and I came third. But then we had to run again with the other girls. I was so tired that I asked Jessie to jog with me. When we heard the two blocks bang again me and Jessie just ran slowly and took our time like nothing was happening how cool. Once we were almost at the end we sprint it. We both came last but we really didn't care. After that we all had other runs. But I didn’t run because I missed out, But I did save my energy for the relays and the 800m.

When we finally had lunch I was very happy. I ate an cream donut, chips and a crunchy apple, also a fizzy drink. Once lunch time was over we had our 800m. I jogged again but this time it was with Nia, We had to run around the field, not once but two time. we ran around the field once with no stopping but when we had to run again we power walked and ran, because our legs were just very tired of running. Once when we were finished I was very proud of myself because i did”t give up.

After that we had our relays. While it was going by class all we did was just scream our lungs out and cheering. Once my class room had to run we were all excited to bet the other teams. The first team we challenged was Geckos and we totally won. The next team we challenged was Tui’s and we lost but we had an awesome time challenging them.

Soon all of the team had to do their chart.

Geckos one was the best the other one we just didnt know what they were saying and my team screamed but then suddenly they were quit how embarrassing, so I just walked to the back of my team and hide there.

Soon Mr Coakley told who was the winner and it was Geckos. When he told us it was Geckos they stood up and they were jumping up and screaming. Then the second team was tui’s, and the third team was Kiwi’s and last team was my team, Keas. we were all sad but at less we had fun.

Then the bell rang for home time. So we all went to our class rooms and got our bags. Then I walked down to my ride very tired and then went home and told my mum all about it.