Friday, August 5, 2011


During the Holiday my Auntie, my Nana, my little cousin and I visited my little baby cousin in hospital. She was sick. We visited her to see how she was doing.

We went and bought food. We arrived and asked the receptionist what room my little baby cousin was in. We found it. My Nana and aunty's were talking while I went to go and make them cup of coffee's and Milo. Then it was my turn to hold my little baby cousin. We sat down and watched TV. Soon or later the nurse came in and checked how she was doing. While the nurse checked her we all just sat there and ate lollies. A while later we had something to eat. Then it was time for us to leave.

On our arrival back home, we were quite tired that we just laid in bed watching TV and eating junk.

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  1. Sounds like you had an eventful holiday Tokilupe. I hope you have a great term and get to share lots of your learning with us all.

    Miss G :-)