Friday, June 17, 2011

My maths reflection

Maths reflection......

During maths I learnt better and faster strategies to solve problems for addition, subtraction and multiplication. For example: The question was, What is the answer to 9x6

* 9x6=
* 10x6=60
* 60-6=54

So the answer is 9x6=54

Now that I’ve learnt an easier way, hopefully I will move up a level. I love doing maths and I can’t wait to learn about more and more!

Holy Spirit


In room 7 I drew a title page of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the person in the Holy trinity. We believe there is only one God and that they Holy Spirit came as a symbol to the disciples. The goodness in us is really the Spirit in us. We decide when we want to do the right or do the wrong thing.

Friday, June 10, 2011

My retreat reflection.

At retreat we did lots of kinds of fun activities, at St Francis . It was really about leader ship and honour. My favorite activities was the treasure hunt, because we all had to get into groups and work as a team. Everyone on the team had to hold this long paper and if its rips then your disqualify and its show that you didn’t work as a team. My team quickly ran outside and we all walked holding the paper carefully. We found a clue and we all jumped up and down. But when we went and show brother Philip it was the wrong one. Because we had a pink paper and the one that we found it was a white one. So we keep on reading the paper over and over because it was telling us where the other clue was. When we saw st Francis Statute we saw a pink paper at the bottom. So we lifted up the statue and it was our second clue so we were very happy. The clue said look down the drive way and there are two tree that the same. So we went down together and started looking very carefully. We looked at all the tree but there was nothing. We went all the way down to the road. So we went up walking slowly and looking for the clue. I turned my head and I saw something pink. I went closer to it and it was the clue. So I screamed “ I found the clue I found it” Jump up and down with excitement. When we went up we saw one team already Finnish. But we still keep on going. Our clue said there are a young tree around west. So went went the way west looking at trees but we didn’t find anything. When We saw father Burnie we went to him and he gave us a clue. We looked at a small tree and the clue was sitting there, so I graped and we all read as a team. While we were still looking for the next clue we were all arguing. Next minute We riped half of the paper. We were all angry. But we didn’t give up just because it rip and even though we were disqualify. Finally we found our clue and it was leading us to our very last clue. We went at the back where the birds was and started looking every where. We all stood there and looked. I looked on top and there was the clue, on top of the birds house. We were all happy. we all ran and then there it goes the paper riped again. Our treasure was an telephone, we all stood there and started laughing.

Friday, June 3, 2011

picasso self portrait.

This portrait is about me. As you can see half of my face is full of hearts all over, and it shows that I am a loving person. This also help people what I am like.